The SHIFT Leadership Network

        A Mentoring and Professional Development Program of the

Sixth Episcopal District


The purpose of the SHIFT Leadership Network is to provide specialized training, guidance, and support to pastors who are within the first five years of parish ministry in rural congregations and students who are seeking ordination under the Board of Examiners. SHIFT is an acronym that represents the goal of the program, to provide: Supportive, Holistic Innovations for Thriving in Ministry.

After acceptance, each pastor will complete an assessment of leadership skills as part of their application process and propose an individualized learning contract that will address the primary theme for the year. It is expected that pastors/ministers will participate in the Network for three years. The program will begin in September 2021, and is of no cost to the participant. The deadline for applications and letters of endorsement is July 30, 2021.


The SHIFT Leadership Network is a program of the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal    

     Church, supported by the Lilly Endowment Thriving in Ministry Grant 2020.

Application for Participation

Below is the application and endorsement form. Please fill out the application and endorsement form and submit them!

SHIFT Leadership Application for Participation  SHIFT Endorsement Form